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LeBrun Lawnscapes, Inc. specializes in Decorative Concrete Landscape Curbing. The curbing can be colored, stamped or have the aggregate exposed look to give a personal touch to your landscaping

Custom Concrete borders are a permanent landscape edging that is durable, functional and less expensive than traditional methods. Concrete Landscape Curbing takes the place of the black plastic edging, landscape timbers, etc. We use this application around homes or businesses as a border between grass, rocks, or mulch

All products by LeBrun Lawnscapes are 100% concrete. Our edging contains rock aggregates, concrete sand, and fiber mesh which produce strength and durability

LeBrun Lawnscapes encourages potential customers to view other curbing company's work as they will differ in artistic view and levels of quality. Here at LeBrun Lawnscapes we use the best products and deliver the BEST quality of work.

  Color Samples

LeBrun Lawnscapes uses Solomon Liquid Colors for the Decorative Concrete Curbing. They offer 64 shades of concrete colors. Here at LeBrun Lawnscapes we mix the color so that if a chip occurs it won't be noticeable like adding color on top.

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Concrete Curbing Styles

Here at LeBrun Lawnscapes we only offer the 7 inch Bullnose style. The reason we only offer that style is due to the durability of it. The 7 inch Bullnose style works great for both Residential and Commercial projects. Along with the 7 inch Bullnose we offer it just plain in your choice of color, stamping or our trademakr of exposed aggregate.

Curbing Stamps

LeBrun Lawnscapes offers a variety of Decorative Concrete Curbing Stamps to spruce up the look of your curbing. We have 10 different stamps to choose from to add your own personal touch.

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