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At LeBrun Lawnscapes, not only can we design and install the proper system, we can also provide you with seasonal maintenance to keep your irrigation running smoothly throughout the year.

A professionally installed irrigation system saves you time, money, and worry. LeBrun Lawnscapes can insure that our installed systems will be working to their maximum potential. We can service your system after the installation to make sure it keeps running strong.

Pre-Scheduled Services

LeBrun Lawnscapes also provides the following pre-scheduled services. During regular maintenance checks LeBrun Landscaping will make any adjustments, repairs, or replacements. They will be made if only necessary and will be billed separately.

Spring Start-Up

  • Turning Sprinkler System on
  • Setting Controller Time
  • Running and adjusting all zones and sprinklers.
  • Any repairs or replacement

Fall Winterization

  • Blowing-out water from lines
  • Shutting down controller

Agreement 1

Prepaid Service

  • Spring Start-Up
  • Fall Winterization

Agreement 2

Billed at the time of service

  • Spring Start-Up
  • Fall Winterization

Service Calls

Around the Clock Customer Service

At LeBrun Lawnscapes, when we come out to service your irrigation system, our technician will need to access several things. Please make sure we will have access to the control clock, water shut-off valve and will need a detailed description of the service needed. It is also very helpful to mark the problem areas for the LeBrun Landscaping Irrigation Technician.

Spring Irrigation Start-Up

LeBrun Irrigation Technicians will provide start-up services to keep your system running properly year after year. At LeBrun Landscaping, when our Irrigation Team comes out to perform your start-up we run every zone and check every irrigation head. We do this to ensure that your irrigation system is running efficently.

LeBrun Irrigation Start-Up Check List

  • Turning Sprinkler Systems on
  • Setting Controller Time
  • Running and Adjusting all Zones and Sprinklers
  • Any repairs or Replacements that are necessary

Irrigation Winterization

LeBrun Irrigation Technicians can provide the proper Fall Winterization Service. If your system is not properly winterized, it will cause damage to your system that could result in repair cost for the spring.

Winterization Check List

  • Blowing out all water from lines
  • Shutting down controller

Water Savings Technology

Choosing an Irrigation Contractor

The Components of your new irrigation system will be buried out of sight. Once installed, yor new system essentially becomes a permanent fixture of your home

The experience of the contracot you select to design and install your new irrigation system is crucial in determining the efficiency and long-term reliability of the system.

A Comprehensive Design

In order to engineer a new irrigation system properly, expect the contractor you select, to collect detailed information regarding your property, including:

  • Soil Type
  • Water source, flow rates and pressure
  • Landscape contours
  • Shade/sun exposure

Contractor Quality Parts

Most manufacturers of lawn sprinkler equipment have two different grades:

  1. Parts for false by discount stores for installation by the homeowner. These are designed to be priced competitive, inexpensive , diposable parts.
  2. Contracot quality components that are desinged to withstand the rigors of severe enviroments. These materials will provide many years of dependable serivce

A Professional Contractor

Professional contractors have made a commitment to the enhancement of the irrigation industry. These contractors understand that you are one of their most valueable assets and will do a ghreat deal to ensure your satisfaction

Warranty and Maintenance Services

The promised warranty is ultimately only as good as the firm behind it. Expect the contractor you select, to provide a written warranty before you buy.

Why LeBrun Lawnscapes

  • Quality contractors products to reduce system problems
  • First year winterization and spring start-up at no charge
  • Designing a system that is efficient and has matching precipitation rates to insure a green and healthy lawn without having to over water
  • Water Saving Technology
  • Licensed and insured to give the customer piece of mind.
  • 3 Year warranty on irrigation heads and valves, plus a one year warranty on all labor

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